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EMMA ANDERSON: Founder and Director

Emma Anderson is an incoming junior at Saint Michael's College with a double major in History and Equity Studies. Emma hopes to receive her Juris Doctorate, and then work as a Civil Rights Attorney living in Washington DC. Emma was inspired to begin her work in the menstrual equity space after coming face to face with the reality of period poverty in her high school. Once winning Miss Vermont's Outstanding Teen in 2021, Emma was given the platform to expand her work greatly, collecting and donating over 10,000 menstrual products in just over 7 weeks. Once Emma crowned her successor in April 2021, she felt that there was still a lot of work she could do and formally organized Not A Luxury in October of 2022. Since then, she has been given the opportunity to meet with state and federal legislators in hopes of making great strides towards ending period poverty. Now, Emma is in the process of preparing to compete for the title of Miss Vermont 2023 to once again acquire a larger platform in which she can spread her message that eradicating period poverty is entirely possible, if we all work together.



Brynn Bertucci is a Health Science major who is working towards becoming a speech pathologist. Brynn decided to become a part of this organization in hopes to make a difference when it comes to the issue of period poverty and her community as a whole.


LILLY BYRNE: Marketing

Lilly Byrne is an Education Studies and Equity Studies double major. She has plans to get her masters in special education and chose to become apart of Not A Luxury to make a difference in her community and help make period products more accessible for all. 

OLIVIA FILMORE: Communications

Olivia Filmore is a Business Administration Major and a Peace and Justice Minor. She has ambitions to work in either Pharmaceutical Sales or become a Financial Advisor. Olivia wanted to get involved with Not a Luxury because she wanted to help raise awareness to an important issue along with communicating and networking with others even outside her community to help eradicate period poverty 


Not A Luxury INC was establish in October, 2022. Not A Luxury aims to eradicate period poverty through means of accessibility and inclusion. To us, this means doing whatever we can to increase product accessibility in our state. We have a constant product drive and encourage anyone who wants to get involved to hold their own! The Not A Luxury team believes that inclusion is an integral part of making change within the menstrual equity space. We will never use terms like "feminine hygiene products" in connection with our work because language like this is not inclusive of the community of humans that menstruate that do not identify as female. Additionally we will not refer to these products as "hygiene products" because it insinuates that the bodily function of menstruation is unhygienic. Believing that a bodily function like this is unhygienic only adds to the shame that society makes menstruators feel.


Not A Luxury was founded by Emma Anderson after she concluded a year of service within the Miss Vermont Organization. Miss Vermont, apart of the Miss America Organization is a scholarship competition that promotes community engagement. This encouragement developed into Emma forming a Community Service Initiative called "Not A Luxury: Increasing Access to Menstrual Products." Through her work, Emma has donated over 20,000 menstrual products to 15 different organizations all over the state of Vermont. Additionally, Emma has successfully lobbied on Capitol Hill for federal legislation that will both increase access to menstrual products and officially changed non-gender inclusive language within healthcare specific legislation.

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