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If you are interested in joining our board or are interested in volunteering (starting your own drive, a Not A Luxury club etc) please reach out to us via email and we would be more than happy to support you and supplement the materials you may need. We encourage students to utilize their support systems as well as their school communities to hold successful product drives. Remember, any amount of donated menstrual products will make a difference!! Not A Luxury will be able to help coordinate a product drop off with one of our partner organizations. 

If you are interested in joining the board please email us a resume, and tell us why you want to be involved with Not A Luxury!

Are you a Vermont based educator? Are you trying to make your school or classroom more accessible to menstruating students? Or do you just want to learn more? Please reach out to us via email and one of our board members will respond with answers to your questions as well as materials that may be beneficial to starting these important conversations with your students or superiors. 




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